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Harvest Keeper – AI is already in Crypto Industry


Harvest Keeper is an innovative project that allows to optimize the process of trading on the cryptocurrency market, maximizing the profit and reducing the risk of losing operations by eliminating errors due to human factor.

According to a number of psychological studies the human brain on a subconscious level tends to choose “safety”, which manifests itself in all spheres.

The Harvest Keeper project team created a perfect robot for daily passive income of 4.81% of your deposit, the safety of which leaves no doubt!

Prior to talking about the project in detail it is worth noting that Harvest Keeper smart contract was tested by the leading audit companies such as, which confirms the complete safety of investments, as well as the absence of technical defects in the work of the platform.

Also all team members were tested by KYC to prove their serious intentions regarding the project once again as well as the reliability and safety of the project for all potential investors.

Harvest Keeper operating

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