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NFT Marketplace Blur Overtakes OpenSea With $484M Sales Volume


Blur overtook OpenSea with almost double transactions in December 2022.

11.3K ETH or $15.8M was traded daily on the Blur platform.

NFT sales are down by 59.35% in the second week of January 2023.

According to data from the analytics platform Dune, NFT marketplace Blur overtook the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea in terms of sales volumes in December 2022. NFT suffered a particular downtrend in 2022 but started recovering at the end of the year.

While monthly transactions of Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces reached over $16 billion in January 2022, the sales were down to less than $2 billion by June. January was led by LooksRare contributing over $10 billion, while OpenSea accounted for the rest.

Similarly, almost $8 billion came from LooksRare in February with nearly $4 billion contributed by OpenSea. The market dipped in March with less than $6 billion in transactions with the same marketplaces in the forefront. While May managed to cross the $6 billion threshold, it fell back to $2 billion in June.

The market maintained close to $1 billion in sales revenue from July to November with OpenSea being a prominent contender alongside X2Y2. However, December saw a little rise in transactions with almost $2 billion in trans …

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