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Seoul Govt to Offer Public Service Virtually via ‘Metaverse Seoul’


Citizens can directly propose policies to Seoul Mayor through ‘Metaverse Seoul.’

‘Metaverse Seoul’ to offer services including economy, education, and administration.

Seoul government spent nearly $1.6M for the first phase of the Metaverse platform.

In a first of its kind, the Seoul city government has decided to offer its administrative public policies via a virtual platform, ‘Metaverse Seoul.’ Reports reveal that through the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ‘Metaverse Seoul,’ one can also propose policies directly to Seoul Mayor, Oh Se-hoon.

The city government announced that ‘Metaverse Seoul’ will offer its administrative services for sectors like economy, education, tax, and administration. ‘Metaverse Seoul’ will extend its municipal administrative services in three phases between the year 2025-2026.

In a recent press conference held at Seoul City Hall, Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s avatar launched ‘Metaverse Seoul.’ Metaverse Seoul has a section called ‘Book Reading Seoul Plaza,’ for reading e-books or playing games. One can drop their suggestions and meet Mayor Oh at the mayor’s virtual office.

Metaverse Seoul also helps entrepreneurs socially connect with fintech companies at a virtual Fintech Lab.  The metaverse platform also has a Corporate Support Center, where experts offer consultations in areas like start-up, law, and human resources.

The government carried out a …

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